• Use it alone

    Face the target!




    1. Long press the “Power button”, the OLED display will be turned on.

    *20 seconds later, the laser spot will turn off automatically

    2. Start to measure:

     Press the “Function button”, the laser will be turned on. You can see green light on the device.

    3. See the laser spot on the target then press the “Function button” again, you can hear the “Beap” sound.

     Laser turns off automatically.

    4. The measured distance will be shown on the OLED Display.

    5. If you want to change the unit, please long press the function button to switch Metric System or British Unit.








    Use it with the APP

    Take photo first, measure it later!




    >> Preparing


    Hardware Installation

    Please follow the step:

    (Click the link to watch the video.)

    Bluetooth connection

    iPin Spatial Ruler Pro connects to the phone automatically.

    No pairing needed.









    *(Optional) Calibration

    Calibration is optional for user.

    After Calibration, the measuring values will be more accurate.













    >>  APP surface introduce

    Please do from area Aarea B area C.





    >>  Start - Basic operation sequence



    Step 1.

    Turn on the laser, and take a photo.







    Step 2.

    After taken a photo, you can :

    • Choose 3D/Area mode to measure the size you wanna know.





    • Change Unit







    • Save and Share







    • Re-measurement anywhere.

    > You can re-measure the photo you taken, no matter where you are!

    > Your friend also can re-measure these photos taken by you through the app.










    >> Application film clips

    [Floor] Measure Area on the floor





    [3D (3-axis)] Measure a box size





    Take once photo and measure the size of 2 boxes at the same time.





    Measure a cabinet size





    [Ceiling] Measure wire lengths on the ceiling





    [Wall] Measure windows on the wall




    Measure a door on the wall





    Measure a rectangle on the wall

  • >> Settings